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These shoes are crafted entirely by hand in Los Angeles, CA. I work closely with a master craftsman who was trained in France with Swiss leather-goods house, Bally. Vegetable-tanned leather is used for kinder eco footprint. This traditional leather molds when wet, meaning it is hand-lasted over the shoe form (last), and left to air-dry for a full day.

This crossover strap design is inspired by traditional huarache woven shoes. Each strap is inserted into the insole, allowing it to mold to the foot. The curved leather sole hugs the natural arch of the foot. This construction will wear beautifully with use, creating a buttery, flexible shoe.

  • 100% vegetable tanned leather (ecological)
  • 100% leather sole
  • Made in USA (ethical supply chain)
  • Solid brass buckle

Custom orders are delivered within 2 weeks if your size is not in stock.