footwear / hats / leather goods

Unisex, universal hi-function footwear & hats

Small-batch, local and ethical

The footwear is made by hand in Los Angeles from vegetable-tanned vachetta leather.

Colors are undyed or dyed with plants, 100% free of synthetic dyes. 

Veg-tan Patina

TAKA shoes are made from vegetable-tanned vachetta leather.

Veg-tan is an ecological process that preserves the natural quality of leather and allows for the character to evolve and age with time.

TAKA’s Undyed classic color develops a rich patina with use, darkening naturally from sunlight, moisture and wear patterns.

Our Black & Umber color alternatives are dyed with plants.


Reverse engineered for ease and movement

TAKA is designed to be lightweight, sculpt to the foot and for daily use. All superfluous components have been removed.  Each item is designed to be worn close to the body, adapting to the wearer and evolving over time.


Handmade in Los Angeles

TAKA is 100% free of chrome-tanning

TAKA is 100% free of petrochemical dyes