footwear / hats / leather goods

Unisex, universal hi-function footwear & hats

Small-batch, local and ethical

The footwear is made by hand in Los Angeles from vegetable-tanned vachetta leather. Color are undyed or dyed with plants, 100% free of synthetic dyes. 

A personal patina

Undyed veg-tanned leather starts skin-toned and develops into a rich, almost marbled in character. It is an accumulation of scratches, oils from your hands or other sources, sunlight, wear, etc. B


Reverse engineered for comfort and movement

fits like a moc,  walks like a slipper



TAKA is founded in artisanal craft. Traditional cobbling techniques are re-engineered to simplify footwear into utilitarian artifacts. The TAKA aesthetic reflects the quiet essence of quality, while the functional benefits are ease of movement and comfort.

TAKA SHOES are made of vegetable tanned leather, which is a chrome-free, ecological tanning process that preserves the original quality of leather. Due to natural aging effect of vegetable tanned leather, the character of this shoe evolves over time, developing a unique patina through use. TAKA designs are unisex and sized to the dimensions of each gender. All leather goods are made in Los Angeles.

TAKA HATS are superfine, featherweight palm frond hats traditionally woven by hand in the Peruvian Andes.This is a living, plant-based product that sculpts to the wearer's lifestyle.

the Artisan Hi-Hat