85% of global leather production is tanned using chrome (chromium salts), a heavy metal harmful to the human health and the environment. Vegetable-tanned leathers are preserved the age-old way using plant matter for the acid tannins (tannings). They also last longer (chrome leather decomposes quicker) and develop a natural patina with use.


Natural undyed leathers have the dye step removed. Commercial dyes are derived from petrochemicals and synthetic compounds, which are harmful. Our shoes are offered in the Undyed variety, or a Black that has been dyed with plants. Plant-derived dyes are more gentle on the ecosystem. 

Our apparel is also offered in Undyed and Black. We're in the process of transitioning our Black colorway to plant-dyed, we just need to reach marginally higher quantities so that its feasible to operate as a business. We are always moving towards a more eco-integrated system.


Each item is made individually by a single craftsperson, without production lines. This slow process allows each item to be one-of-a-kind, as handcrafted items have a unique appeal that mass production eliminates. This type of slow manufacturing also supports the longevity of artisan knowledge and handiwork. 


We investigate local production first. Our footwear and apparel is made locally in Los Angeles. Our hats are woven in Peru, where the raw palm tree fibers are found as well as the artisan process that supports this level of craftsmanship. We prioritize proximity for ecological reasons (minimizing transport) as well as regional reasons (to stimulate & preserve local artisan economy).